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Comprised of different active components from HBN-1, HBN-100 is an oral combination drug that produces a safe, mild, clinically relevant sustained drop in core body temperature. Based on extensive published research linking lower body temperature to disease prevention, treatment and longevity, the drug is intended for short and intermediate or long-term chronic administration for a wide range of potential indications, such as:

The drug is administered to children afflicted with Progeria or other diseases characterized by premature aging and shortened life spans, as a means to slow the onset and progression of associated age-related diseases and effectively extend the expected lifespan. This is being developed as an orphan indication.

Mild concussion
The drug is administered for a prescribed treatment period to prevent, reduce OR mitigate the adverse effects and damage from sports related mild concussion and other head injuries resulting from minor accidents, bumps and falls. The compound will be tested in the NFL concussion animal model.

Menopausal ‘hot flashes’
The compound will be evaluated for its ability to alleviate or minimize menopausal related hot-flashes.

Muscle fatigue
Muscular fatigue associated with overheating in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and other chronic diseases affected by overheating. Many proposed indications fall in the category of “Orphan Drug Indications”.