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HBN-1 (Intravenous)

Post-Cardiac Resuscitation

Traumatic Brain Injury

Acute Ischemic Stroke

Spinal Cord Injury

Sepsis: severe sepsis and septic shock

Proof-of-Concept Pilot Study Planned

NIH CMC/TOX support to IND for all indications

Existing and new translational models being developed

Spinal injury study collaboration

HBN-2 (Oral)

Mild concussion



Hot flashes

To be evaluated in NFL concussion model

Progeria mouse model collaboration

Rapid regulatory pathway


HBN-3 and HBN-4 (Intravenous)

Two drugs for severe sepsis & septic shock

Comprehensive preclinical program completed


Extracorporeal device to eliminate pathogens in severe sepsis & septic shock

Testing collaboration with College of Nanotech Sciences & Engineering at Albany